Mar 19, 2012

Scratch Card: New Mini Game in FV

Scratch Card: New Mini Game in FV:
A new mini game is bound to start on the 9th of March, 2012… Scratch Cards… When released, it will be playable from within the new Carnival Booth where all the Mini Games now reside… Again playing on the luck factor, its hopefully going to carry some good prizes like Instas, Unwithers, Turbos, and the most wanted Farm Cash… Well, only time will tell more about this new unreleased feature, but here is what we have collected info on for now…

Scratch Card Loading Screen

Scratch Card Market PlaceholderScratch Card Carnival Booth Placeholder

Carnival Baker Scratching a Card

Some Expected PrizeSome Expected Prize

Some Backdrop images in the Scratch Card game might suggest you what is about to be expected… More details as we find out later…


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  1. I have never won a prize in Scratch Cards.

    Why the people avoid to scratch the cards by plastic key tags?

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