Jun 29, 2012

Geode and Rainbow Parism Tree

Geode and Rainbow Parism Tree 

Hey Farmers!

Welcome to my blog. Zynga just release some pairs of Trees. Which are incredibly beautiful, unfortunately we can`t have them in real life because we are living in FARMVILLEEEE. Anyways Farmers, Here are some details of these trees. 

Rainbow Prism Tree will cost you 8 Farm Cash

Giat Rainbow Prism Will cost you 14 Farm Cash
Rainbow Prism Tree:

Harvest in: 2 days
Gain: 150
ZP Gained 25
Gem Collection

Giat Rainbow Prism:

Harvest in: 2 days
Gain: 150
ZP Gained 25
Gem Collection

Both have same specifications.

Jun 23, 2012

Slingo Balls: + 24 Extra Balls - 23th July 2012

Slingo Balls: + 24 Extra Balls - 23th July 2012
Hey FarmvIlle & CastleVille Friends, How are you ? 
Today we are sharing Slingo Daily Gift +24 Slingo Extra Balls. 

We know Players are almost out of the Slingo Balls and spins , So to help players in playing Slingo Game and getting more balls and more spins, here we will give you +6 Extra Balls.

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About Slingo A player has 20 turns to "spin" the numbers below his or her bingo card. Five numbers appear, and if they are found on the card, they can be marked off.

During the game, other special items may show up in the number spots below the card. Jokers are wild, and can be used to mark off any number in the column in which it appears. A joker in the center (N) column may sometimes become a Super Joker, which can be placed anywhere on the board. (When it appears, the Super Joker must be played first, before any other numbers.)

Devils also occasionally appear during the course of the game. If a devil appears in place of a number, the player's score is cut in half. Frequently though, a cherub appears and cancels the devil's effects by shooting it with an arrow.

Jun 8, 2012

Farm Coins Into Farm Cash

Farm Coins Into Farm Cash

Hey Farmers! Welcome to my blog. We have a great news for you that you can now convert coins into cash. Now you don`t need to buy cash or to earn cash by completing various level. A great opportunity Zynga bring for you. Now you can easily convert your coins into cash. Like you can convert 100,000 Coins into 10 Cash. Read Below.

“Turns coins into cash with the new COINS INTO CASH program! Every month, you will be able to exchange coins for Farm Cash by converting set amounts of coins into Farm Cash. The full coin amounts become available again next month. All packages not used within the month do not carry over to the next period. Your membership is automatically renewed but you can cancel at any time through the Subscription Management page.”

Jun 3, 2012

CastleVille - Royal Royal Garden Enter Into Your Castle

CastleVille - Royal Royal Garden Enter Into Your Castle

Hey CastleVillers Fans!

Welcome to my blog. Have you noticed new things in your Castle? Well, ZYNGA recently surprise us introducing new Royal Royal Garden in our Castle. This Garden is really amazing and look like real property of Royal families. We have not yet got more information about this garden but we have an image of this garden but as soon as possible we will share its more info, stay updated with our site.
As the new and new items are coming up, so every player want more space in their Castle and more storage space.

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Jun 1, 2012

Jade Falls Chapter 4 Quests - Complete Guide

Jade Falls Chapter 4 Quests - Complete Guide

Hello Farmer`s

Welcome to my blog. Today, i am sharing "Jade Falls Chapter 4 Quests" Guide. This guide officially prepared by ZYNGA to let to know their Farmers that not to miss any single step. This guide include everything you want to know about this Chapter 4.

This quest valid till from 25th June, 2012 to 2nd July, 2012. That means you have one more today to complete it properly. 

Quest 1: The Brush Off!

* Get 6 Panda Brush
* Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo
* Improve Mountain Temple to level 4

Reward: You will get (Panda Sheep)

Quest 2: That New Panda Smell!

* Get 8 Panda Cologne
* Harvest 15 Sichuan Pepper
* Harvest Panda Sheep 1 Time

Your Reward: After Completing this quest you will get "Bamboo Blossom Pond"

Quest 3: Panda Poetry!

* Get 8 Panda Poems
* Harvest 8 Sticky Rice
* Make 3 Pho Soup

Reward: You will get one "Romantic Panda"

Quest 4: Bamboozle!
* Get 8 Bamboo Bouquets
* Harvest 10 Hamachi
* Make 3 Chow Mein

Reward: Panda Ballon

Quest 5: Bearly Acquainted!

* Get 9 Romantic Reservations
* Harvest 25 Azuki
* Harvest 2 Jade Habitats

Reward: Panda Cottage

Quest 6: Bearly Made It!

* Get 10 Chocolate Bamboos
* Master Panda Sheep to 1 Star
* Make 3 Egg Rolls

Reward: Lady Panda