Apr 23, 2012

FarmVille April 23rd Mystery Game Prizes!

It’s a new week and the FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated with new prizes! This week’s FarmVille Mystery Game is Japanese themed and costs 20 farmcash per Mystery Dart to play.When you play and win all six regular prizes you will receive an exclusive bonus prize, the Crested Ibis. Before you pop any balloons, make sure you check out the prize spoilers below and share this article with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille 04.23.2012 Possible Mystery Game Prizes:

FarmVille Cherry Unicorn
FarmVille Wagyu Bull
FarmVille Moon Bear
FarmVille Japanese Bantam
FarmVille Japanese Macaque
FarmVille Spot-Billed Duck
FarmVille Crested Ibis (Bonus Prize)

Apr 20, 2012

CastleVille - +1 Energy Potion for Free


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CastleVille 10 New Missions With Giovanni Coming Soon

 In CastleVille Soon, another new character coming into our kingdom:
 Giovanni , he is a renaissance man, who is also Master Level in the studio brings - 
Here we show you what will be done to so you are always well prepared! 
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Mission 1
Place the thumper as a destination for foreigners
Move objects
Visiting a neighbour
Mission 2
Click on the thumper
Help the traveler
Dispel the attracted critters
Mission 3
Shifting the foundation of Giovanni's House
Own a studio
Own x-baked fish and pudding
Mission 4
Build Giovanni's house 
Point parchment ago
Buy a fan
Mission 5
Put forth more scrolls
Six-use Potions
Watering shrubs in kingdom for inspiration
Mission 6
Ask for sheet music
Put enough scrolls for her Master Level 1
Once the fish to find serenity
Mission 7
Expelling thieves
Collecting Taxes From houses
Collect trunks
Mission 8
Ask about thick tomes (books)
Spend coins for Giovanni
Build the blower to unlock a new technique
Mission 9
Using Absinthe Elixirs
Take care of studio with neighbours
Prepare plate of spaghetti
Mission 10
Reach Master level in another object in the studio
Build a new studio 
Spend Hearts 

Since the missions are still unreleased, may be the sequence of tasks slightly differ !

CastleVille Preview of New Royal Buildings, Animals And Decorations

In CastleVille Soon to come, matching the "Renaissance" missions around Giovanni also some new products in the market - here we show you which items will soon come into play and what you can rejoice! 
Exact prices, and the exact release date are still unknown to us!
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 Animals And Nature

It seems that very soon now masters levels are introduced in the Studio:

Apr 4, 2012

Farmville Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quests Guide!

FarmVille and Zynga have rolled out the next chapter in the HawaiianParadise Quests, Its Chapter IV! You can start working on the Luau Time Quest, Shelling Out Quest, Happy Hula Quest, Gettin Ready Quest, Sharped Dressed Surfer Quest, The Perfect Cover Quest, Going Nuts Quest, Beat That Drum Quest, Luau Punch Quest, Eye Of The Hurricane Quest, A Perfect Couple Quest and the Dinner Date Quest.

You can earn rewards such as the Red Masked Parakeet, Guillotine Coconut, Tiki Tree, Iikw Bird, Surfer Bungalow, Giant Water Hyacinth, Fireplace Island Idol, Coconut Punch Tree, Tiki Mask, Tiki Lounge Table, Red Crested Cardinal, Cruise Ship and of course Coconuts and XP! Happy Questing!

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 1: Luau Time
   animal_breeding_xhiaviary_finished  0YW 
Requirements: Get 4 Kiawe Logs, Complete 1 Island Aviary & Make Poi 4 Times

Rewards: 125 XP, Red Masked Parakeet & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 2: Shelling Out
Requirements: Get 6 Conch Shells, Harvest 25 Mussels & Harves 1 Red Masked Parakeet
Coconut Guillotines
Rewards: 150 XP, Coconut Guillotine & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 3: Happy Hula
Requirements: Get 8 Hula Skirts, Harvest 65 Lilikoi & Make 4 Mussel Poke Salads

Tiki Trees
Rewards: 175 XP, Tiki Tree, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 4: Gettin’ Ready
Requirements: Get 8 Luau Invitations, Harvest 75 Taro & Harvest 45 Oyster Beds
'I'iwi Birds
Rewards: 200 XP, ‘I’iwi Bird, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 5: Sharp Dressed Surfer
coffeekona'I'iwi Birds
Requirements: Get 8 Aloha Shirts, Harvest 80 Kona Coffee & Harvest 1 ‘I’iwi Bird
Surfer Bungalows
Rewards: 225 XP, Surfer Bungalow, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 6: The Perfect Cover
hibiscusyellow coffeecream
Requirements: Get 8 Snappy Hats, Harvest 80 Yellow Hibiscus & Make Coffee and Cream
Giant Water Hyacinths
Rewards: 250 XP, Giant Water Hyacinth, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 7: Going Nuts
Requirements: Get 8 Bowls of Nuts, Harvest 85 Lilikoi & Harvest 60 Shrimp
Rewards: 275 XP, Island Idol Fireplace, & 850 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 8: Beat That Drum
Requirements: Get 8 Bongo Drums, Harvest 110 Double Pikake & Make 5 Plantation Iced Teas
Coconut Punch Trees
Rewards: 300 XP, Coconut Punch Tree, & 1,275 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 9: Luau Punch

Requirements: Get 8 Parrot Treats, Harvest 120 Hilo Pineapples & Harvest the Coconut Punch Tree
Rewards: 325 XP, Tiki Mask, & 1,700 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 10: Eye of the Hurricane
Requirements: Get 9 Hurricane Glasses, Improve Paradise Reef to Level 5 & Make Pineapple Hash 4 Times
Tiki Lounge Tables

Rewards: 350 XP, Tiki Lounge Table, & 2,125 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 11: A Perfect Couple

  gingerhawaiian  ono 
Requirements: Get 10 Swizzle Sticks, Harvest 140 Hawaiian Ginger & Harvest 90 Ono
Red Crested Cardinals

Rewards: 375 XP, Red Crested Cardinal, & 4,250 Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Quest 12: Dinner Date
  islandfriedrice  islandpunch 
Requirements: Get 12 Lava Bowls, Make Island Fried Rice 2 Times & Make Island Punch 3 Times
Island Cruise Ships

Rewards: 500 XP, Island Cruise Ship, & 8,500 Coconuts