Jan 31, 2012

Confirmed Valentine Countdown 2012 Prizes:

Confirmed Valentine Countdown 2012 Prizes:

Love Pond
 Romantic Lake
 Romantic Gazebo
 Love Waterfall
 Love Bridge
 Romantic Picnic
 Romantic Swing
 Proposal Squirrel
 Romantic Dinner
 Heart Flamingos
 Love Birds
 Heart Ring

If you get all the 12 Items, You'll get the Valentine Dragon at the end!

1st Countdown Valentines:

1st Countdown Valentines:

The FarmVille Valentines Countdown is here! Please note, this feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers.

The Valentines Countdown works similar to other previous FarmVille countdowns. There are 12 days of prizes and when you complete the countdown, you’ll receive a special exclusive bonus prize.

Each day you request a collectible item by posting a Facebook Newsfeed Share. When your friends click on your share, they will also receive a free collectible and when you’ve fulfilled the required number of collectibles you’ll receive the special Prize of the day. You can make your requests for the collectibles every 6 hours.

There’s also the option to purchase prizes or the complete Valentines Countdown using Farm Cash, but what’s the fun in that?

To see a complete prize Reveal for the Valentines Countdown 2012, keep reading!

FarmVille Valentines Countdown 2012 Slowly Rolling Out:

FarmVille Valentines Countdown 2012 Slowly Rolling Out
FarmVille Valentine Countdown
FarmVille 12 Days of Great Prizes Loading Screen
FarmVille Valentines Day Countdown Inside
FarmVille Valentine Countdown 2012 Prizes:
FarmVille Love Birds
FarmVille Romantic Dinner
FarmVille Flamingo Heart
FarmVille Romantic Lake
FarmVille Romantic Gazebo
FarmVille Romantic Swing
FarmVille Love Pond
FarmVille Love Bridge
FarmVille Squirrel Proposal
FarmVille Romantic Picnic
FarmVille Love Waterfall
FarmVille Heart Ring