Jan 26, 2012

Farmville Unreleased UNRELEASED Valentines Animals:

Black Cherry PegasusBlack Cherry Pegasus FoalMini Black Rose HorseMini Black Rose FoalPink PegasusPink Pegasus Foal
Black Cherry UnicornBlack Cherry Unicorn FoalAuxois HorseAuxois FoalRose PegasusRose Pegasus Foal
Rose HorseRose FoalRomeo PenguinBroken Heart RamBroken Heart EweBroken Heart Boar
Broken Heart PigValentines CatCupid DuckBroken Heart DuckLove Bug DogHeart Wreath Chicken
LabradoodleRomeo AlpacaRomeo Penguin

Farmville Unreleased UNRELEASED Valentines Animals:
FarmVille and Zynga will soon be adding more items to the Valentines Day theme! You can see below that quite a few new animals will be avialable soon for purchase or possibly in the Mystery Game or other aspects of the game. For right now, all these items are UNRELEASED and cannot be found in the game.

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