Jan 31, 2012

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Shared Storage Now Available:

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Shared Storage Now Available:

It’s about time! FarmVille finally introduced the ability to have Shared Storage on your Lighthouse Cove Farm with new Shipping Licenses.

Before you get too excited the LC Shared Storage license called a Shipping License costs 75 Farm Cash. Although there is a promise for a free version which currently remains locked. The still locked free option says that a “free license” at Cove Level 10 is “coming soon”. As we all know, the problem with FarmVille is that “coming soon” can mean anything- days, weeks, or months.
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Farm Cash
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Free
Shared Storage, also known as transferable storage, will give you the ability to move items between Lighthouse Cove farm and your other licensed farms.

TIP: Are you having trouble finding this license on your farm? First, visit your Lighthouse Cove farm and search keyword “License” in your FarmVille Market. You can also see the option available in your Storage Cellar.

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