Jan 23, 2012

FarmVille Picture of the Day:

FarmVille Picture of the Day:

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Star Wars fans, here's a farm for you! Two weeks ago, FarmVille designer extraordinaire, Brayzdin, teased us that his "next design.......is not to win farm of the week. (because of copyright laws) His next creation, is to have fun and maybe secure his standings as the best designer. [sic]" He wanted to do something "epic" and "almost saga-ish!" Finally, he threw in the hint of "Imperial Entanglements", but it was hard to guess what he might've been driving at.

Well, now there's a gargantuan, Venator-class Star Destroyer docked on his farm to finally put the suspense to rest. It also doesn't take a diehard Star Wars fan to recognize the X-Wing and TIE fighters, even if you don't know what they're called.

This science fiction shout-out marks the first time since the farm-eating lizard that Brayzdin has designed something beyond original, fantastical landscapes. Every artist needs to try something new, and we know Brayzdin has what it takes to keep things exciting.

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