Apr 4, 2012

Queso Quests: Info and Tips

Queso Quests: Info and Tips

Expected duration of the quests is from 22nd March 2012, till 5th April 2012

Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want... Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...
Note: Images will only show up when they are available in the game files… Also, Links for quest stuff are NOT working for this quest at the time of posting…

Quests Info:
Quest IconPerfect TimingItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 11. Get 4 Mops
2. Harvest 50 Peppers
3. Harvest Pet Run 2 Times
Quest Tips:You can even plant Super Pepper, Habanero Chillies, Fire Pepper, & Bell Peppers as alternatives to PepperMopsFeather Duster Rabbit

Quest IconGoing SwimmingItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 21. Get 6 Feather Dusters
2. Harvest 75 Red Tulips
3. Harvest Feather Duster Rabbit 1 Time
Feather DusterPicture1
Quest Tips:The Rabbit can be harvested in the Pet Run… Instead of Red Tulips, you can even plant Snow Tulips on WW FarmFeather Duster3x Chocolate Bricks, Gingerbread Siding, Marshmallow Mortar

Quest IconTake a Hike!Item to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 31. Get 8 Clever Containers
2. Harvest 100 Bell Peppers
3. Harvest Cow Pasture 2 Times
Clever ContainersLabel Tree
Quest Tips:Clever ContainersLabel Tree

Quest IconEverything in its Right PlaceItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 41. Get 8 To-Do Lists
2. Harvest 125 Cotton
3. Harvest Label Tree 1 Time
To-Do ListsGingham Shed
Quest Tips:You can harvest the tree in Orchards… Super Cotton will also work for the Crop requirements…To-Do ListsGingham Shed

Quest IconMaking MemoriesItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 51. Get 8 Label Makers
2. Harvest 150 Soybeans
3. Master Feather Duster Rabbit to 1st Star
Label Maker3 Pack of Turbos
Quest Tips:Harvest the Rabbit in Pet Run for quicker mastery…Label Maker3 Pack of Turbos

Quest IconAqualungItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 61. Get 8 White Gloves
2. Harvest 150 Peppermint
3. Make 1 Farmhand in your Craftshop
White Gloves
Quest Tips:Instead of Peppermint, you can even plant Cranberries, Super Cranberries, Cove Cranberries, Mint Candies too…White GlovesPack Llama

Quest IconAloha!Item to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 71. Get 9 Chopping Boards
2. Harvest 150 Eggplant
3. Harvest Pack Llama 1 Time
Chopping BoardsShade Tree
Quest Tips:The Pack Llama can be harvested in the Livestock Pen…Chopping BoardsShade Tree

Quest IconBeachcombingItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 81. Get 10 Spring Cheese
2. Harvest 150 Chickpeas
3. Harvest Shade Tree 1 Time
Spring CheeseMystery Game Dart
Quest Tips:Chickpeas no longer require mastery of Soybeans and can be planted on any farm of choice… For the Shade Tree, harvest it in the OrchardsSpring CheeseMystery Game Dart

Quest IconTime In A BottleItem to AskReward
Queso Quests Icon 91. Get 12 Party Favors
2. Harvest 200 Golden Poppies
3. Harvest Aviary 2 Times
Party Favor
Quest Tips:Party FavorClever
Coyote Wolf

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