Mar 31, 2012

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quests Master Guide:

29 days 3 Farmville online egg hunt was over the home farm.

You can increase the search speed for proper planning and agriculture to ensure that you share with your friends to get drug users Farmville. Farmville, the other guests, it is necessary to create a web site on a map menu FVF Internet.

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 1:

Requirements: Get 4 Fairy Berries, Harvest Paddock Habitat Twice & Harvest 50 Rhubarb
Rewards: 125 XP, Strawberry Fairy Chicken, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 2:

Requirements: Get 6 Flutterbys, Harvest Strawberry Fairy Chicken Twice & Harvest 75 Spinach (Any)
Rewards: 150 XP, Butterfly Fairy Gnome & 3,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 3:

Requirements: Get 8 Cookie Pops, Harvest 50 Rice (Any) & Harvest 50 Morning Glory (Any)
Rewards: 175 XP, Mystery Dart, & 3,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 4:

Requirements: Get 8 Egg Hunt Masks, Master Strawberry Fairy Chicken to Level 1 & Harvest 150 Eggplant
Rewards: 200 XP, Egg Hunt Goat, & 4,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 5:

Requirements: Get 8 Flower Cupcakes, Harvest Egg Hunt Goat Twice & Harvest 150 Blueberries (Any)
Rewards: 225 XP, Firefly Lamp Post & 4,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 6:

Requirements: Get 8 Finger Puppets, Harvest 75 Fruit (Any) & Harvest 75 Peanut (Any)
Rewards: 250 XP, 3 Pack Turbo Charger & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 7:

Requirements: Get 9 Ice Cream Cones, Master Egg Hunt Goat to Level 1 & Harvest 150 Flowers
Rewards: 275 XP, Ice Cream Man Gnome, & 5,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 8:

Requirements: Get 10 Framed Flowers, Harvest Animal Habitat Three Times & Harvest 150 Lilac (Any)
Rewards: 300 XP, Farmhands, & 6,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Egg Hunt Quest 9:

Requirements: Get 12 Bubbly Berries, Harvest 100 Corn (Any) & Harvest 100 Strawberry (Any)
Rewards: 325 XP, Berry Fountain, & 6,500 Farm Coins

Mar 20, 2012

Farmville Cheats – Finally Revealed

Farmville Cheats – Finally Revealed:

This farmville guide is written by John Mckay, who is a well known farmville guru on facebook. For those of you who have heard of Farmville Secrets, he just released a new updated farmville guide, known as FV Farmer aiming at Farmville players who are slow in leveling up and earning Farm Cash.

Farmville Champ teaches you how to get the $5,000,000 mansion, how to get all the vechicles and animals, how to earn farmville cash fast and how to reach the top level in record time. 

FarmVille Pic of the Day: We're off to see the Wizard at DwayneBurgess' farm

FarmVille Pic of the Day: We're off to see the Wizard at DwayneBurgess' farm:

Legend has it that if you follow a rainbow to its end, you might find a pot of gold -- and speaking of which, I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Paddy's weekend -- but somewhere over the rainbow is Frank L. Baum's wonderful world of Oz. Player DwayneBurgess has recreated that world on his FarmVille farm, including famous sites such as Dorothy's farm to the south, Emerald City in the north, Munchkinland to the east, the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West in the west, the scarecrow's field (next to Munchkinland), and even the rainbow itself.

Connecting all the Oz sites is the Yellow Brick Road (made out of yellow hay bales) that leads from the swirly path in Munchkinland to the home of the Wicked Witch, which is represented by a (fully completed)Haunted House. The Emerald City is constructed out of 'stacked' green fences. But the coolest part is the rainbow, which is crafted -- not just out of hay bales -- but various colors of trees and crop mastery signs organized by color. This is one of those farms that you can only appreciate when you give it a closer look and realize how much thought went into the design.

FarmVille Unreleased Candy Castle

FarmVille Unreleased Candy Castle!

FarmVille and Zynga are soon going  to be releasing a new Candy Castle! You will be needing some new parts to build the new Candy Castle including the Chocolate Bricks,Cotton Candy Insulation, Gingerbread Siding, Gumdrop Accents and Marshmallow Mortar. For the time being, this is Unreleased and cannot be found in the market. We will post more information as we receive it… 

Mar 19, 2012

Scratch Card: New Mini Game in FV

Scratch Card: New Mini Game in FV:
A new mini game is bound to start on the 9th of March, 2012… Scratch Cards… When released, it will be playable from within the new Carnival Booth where all the Mini Games now reside… Again playing on the luck factor, its hopefully going to carry some good prizes like Instas, Unwithers, Turbos, and the most wanted Farm Cash… Well, only time will tell more about this new unreleased feature, but here is what we have collected info on for now…

Scratch Card Loading Screen

Scratch Card Market PlaceholderScratch Card Carnival Booth Placeholder

Carnival Baker Scratching a Card

Some Expected PrizeSome Expected Prize

Some Backdrop images in the Scratch Card game might suggest you what is about to be expected… More details as we find out later…


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Bushel Gifting Links

 Bushel Gifting Links:
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