Mar 7, 2012

FarmVille Royal Taro Crops & Earning Coconuts Faster

FarmVille Royal Taro Crops & Earning Coconuts Faster:

FarmVille Earn Coconuts Faster Loading Screen
It’s been just a couple days since free access began for FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise (some of you are still patiently waiting) but there is already new crops for your to master!
FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise has its own form of “super crop” with the first Royal Taro crops. You can unlock Royal Taro whenever you first master the regular Taro crop.
Royal Taro will earn you more Coconuts than the regular version as well as more XP and costs just 1 Coconut more to plant than regular Taro. Both crops still have the same harvest maturity time of 4 hours.
Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding this FarmVille Information!

FarmVille Royal Taro Crop

FarmVille Royal Taro Bushel

FarmVille Royal Taro Mastery Sign

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