Mar 9, 2012

FarmVille Farm Cash Sale 40% Off

FarmVille Farm Cash Sale 40% Off:
FarmVille is hosting a 40% Off Farm Cash Sale for a short period of time.  There’s just less than 14 hours left for you to purchase discounted Farm Cash.
The surprise Farm Cash sale is not really that much of a surprise seeing as how FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise free access began  this week and we are all itching to spend a little Farm Cash. There’s also that Coconut fiasco that infuriated a few farmers- Zynga has since changed Coconut producing items to be harvestable on any farm, not just Hawaiian Paradise.
Anyways, if you need Farm Cash, now is the perfect time to buy and take advantage of the discount as this sale doesn’t come around too often. You can get some great deals on Farm Cash (see available packages below) by visiting the “Get Farm Cash” tab located on the top menu found above your FarmVille in-game play area.
FarmVille 40% Off Farm Cash Sale (March 8-9 2012)
  • 25 Farm Cash – $3.21 ($5.36)
  • 55 Farm Cash – $6.43 ($10.72)
  • 115 Farm Cash – $12.86 ($21.45)
  • 310 Farm Cash – $32.17 ($53.62)
  • 650 Farm Cash – $64.34 ($107.25)
  • 1,350 Farm Cash – $128.69 ($214.50)
(*Prices vary by state taxes. The prices listed above are applicable to TX taxes.) 

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