Mar 3, 2012

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Farm Coconut Unwither Rings

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Farm Coconut Unwither Rings:
FarmVille and Zynga have released Coconut Unwither Rings for the Hawaiian Paradise Farm.

Unwither Rings offer you protection from withering crops and also a little peace of mind as you will be able to harvest crops on your own time, not what their crop maturity time dictates. If your Unwither Ring is turned on then that means no dead crops, ever! 
The Unwither Ring only works for the farm it is purchased for. For example, Coconut Unwither Rings will only work in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise farms and offer wither protection on that particular farm only.
Typically, Uniwther Rings cost around 250 Farm Cash and are only offered for a short amount of time a few times throughout the year. Now that we are maintaining 5 working farms, this would be a treat for Farmers.

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