Apr 20, 2012

CastleVille 10 New Missions With Giovanni Coming Soon

 In CastleVille Soon, another new character coming into our kingdom:
 Giovanni , he is a renaissance man, who is also Master Level in the studio brings - 
Here we show you what will be done to so you are always well prepared! 
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Mission 1
Place the thumper as a destination for foreigners
Move objects
Visiting a neighbour
Mission 2
Click on the thumper
Help the traveler
Dispel the attracted critters
Mission 3
Shifting the foundation of Giovanni's House
Own a studio
Own x-baked fish and pudding
Mission 4
Build Giovanni's house 
Point parchment ago
Buy a fan
Mission 5
Put forth more scrolls
Six-use Potions
Watering shrubs in kingdom for inspiration
Mission 6
Ask for sheet music
Put enough scrolls for her Master Level 1
Once the fish to find serenity
Mission 7
Expelling thieves
Collecting Taxes From houses
Collect trunks
Mission 8
Ask about thick tomes (books)
Spend coins for Giovanni
Build the blower to unlock a new technique
Mission 9
Using Absinthe Elixirs
Take care of studio with neighbours
Prepare plate of spaghetti
Mission 10
Reach Master level in another object in the studio
Build a new studio 
Spend Hearts 

Since the missions are still unreleased, may be the sequence of tasks slightly differ !

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