Apr 23, 2012

FarmVille April 23rd Mystery Game Prizes!

It’s a new week and the FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated with new prizes! This week’s FarmVille Mystery Game is Japanese themed and costs 20 farmcash per Mystery Dart to play.When you play and win all six regular prizes you will receive an exclusive bonus prize, the Crested Ibis. Before you pop any balloons, make sure you check out the prize spoilers below and share this article with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille 04.23.2012 Possible Mystery Game Prizes:

FarmVille Cherry Unicorn
FarmVille Wagyu Bull
FarmVille Moon Bear
FarmVille Japanese Bantam
FarmVille Japanese Macaque
FarmVille Spot-Billed Duck
FarmVille Crested Ibis (Bonus Prize)

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