Feb 5, 2012

FREE!!!!! Mini Dream Giraffe:

FREE!!!!! Mini Dream Giraffe:

A Mini Dream Giraffe has joined the FarmVille unreleased files and we can’t wait to see what new theme is also “coming soon” to FarmVille.
You won’t find this little guy in the market just yet, but we must say he’s pretty adorable.
But your wait is over now Farmville just releases the MINI Dream Giraffe :) Get Rich in FV with us.

The Way to Get It:
If you play Dream Zoo by Zynga (only for iphone/ipad/ipod touch devices) and reach level 4, you will receive the Mini Dream Giraffe for Free in your giftbox on your Farm. 

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  1. i want to know, How do the foal grow up but don't use cash.