Feb 19, 2012

Farmville Unreleased Baby Rabbits Collection!

Farmville Unreleased Baby Rabbits Collection:

Farmville & Zynga Will be soon adding a Baby Breeding Bunny Hutch Building into our game through which we can breed such cute Baby Rabbits.It seems that something really interesting is coming in the breeding session.We can't wait to breed such cute babies hope It will release soon into our game, till then enjoy the eye candy.

Question:- Are these Babies Cute? Whats on your mind after watching such beauties!

The Baby Breeding Bunny Hutch Building Is appear Something Like This

Here is a Tutorial Image - How To Breed These Babies.

We are not sure about these egg shell babies that how they grow up into the complete Baby Rabbits but as we got more information about this we will update you as soon as we can Farmers.

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