Feb 4, 2012

FarmVille Save the Children Cash Crop Donation Prices:

FarmVille Save the Children Cash Crop Donation Prices:

"Save humanity Save the Children"

FarmVille Candy Heart Crop

FarmVille Valentine Card Crop

FarmVille Red Rose

The FarmVille Save the Children promotion along with its three new Limited Edition crops is now live.
You can purchase permits to grow Heart Candy, Valentine Card, and Red Rose crops on your farm. Each of the permits cost varying amounts of money. Instead of the usual Farm Cash donation, you’ll have to make your purchase using the monetary amount for the donation. Zynga will be giving 70% of the proceeds to Save the Children, and the other 30% is retained by the “system platform provider”.
Once you purchase your permit, you’ll have 7 days to plant and grow unlimited amounts of the crop on your farm during that timeframe. Similar to other previous Limited Edition Farm Cash crops, these crops will never wither or die. You can choose to harvest them at their maturity time or whenever you like, but just remember you’ll only have the amount of time the permit is active to master the crops.
FarmVille Limited Edition Save the Children Crops
  • FarmVille Heart Candy Crop – $20 Dollar Donation
  • FarmVille Valentine Crop – $10 Dollar Donation
  • FarmVille Red Rose Crop – $3 Dollar Donation

FarmVille Heart Candy

FarmVille Valentine Card

FarmVille Red Rose
FarmVille Save the Children Cash Crop Donation Prices

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