Nov 8, 2011

UnPublished FarmVille Fairy Zebra:

FarmVille Fairy Zebra Still Causing Problems

The Fairy Zebra has been acting up since its release and won’t go into the FarmVille Horse Paddock. Complicating the issue it’s making it even more difficult to accomplish the quest in a timely manner.
Since this was posted, Zynga has decreased the harvest time to 2 days until the Fall Fairy Zebra is “ready to harvest”.
In regards to the quest, FarmVille has lowered the required number of the Fairy Zebra’s Star Level 1 Mastery harvests from 5 to 3 harvests.
It’s a Known Issue at Zynga and they are working on a solution.
FarmVille Fall Fairy Zebra Unable to Place in a Breeding Pen
Last Update: 11/04
Description:Since 11/04, players are reporting that their Fall Fairy Zebra is unable to be placed in a Breeding Pen.
Status: The FarmVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.
Workaround: N/A

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