Oct 26, 2011

Unreleased Decoration: Mermaid Fountain

Mermaid is seems to be a symbol of Beauty and Glamour. A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head, arms, and torso and the tail of a fish. Mermaids are represented in the folklore, literatureand popular culture of many countries worldwide.
Their are many Stories About her. Tellers tells that She is a Mysterious Beautiful Fish Girl  found in the deep water and live in sea can take breath in sea. A very famous movie about Adventure also put MERMAID fish as a Character in MOVIE. The Movie is of Famous Actor Johnny Depp. The movie is named as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) Watch Able Movie. The Farmville Put Mermaid in Decoration items to create a Garden as a Symbol of Beauty. Must try it. Suggestion are admired. 

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