Oct 20, 2011

Batwing Horse Trick:

Batwing Horse Trick

Follow the following steps to get BATWING HORSE for free..

1st step - You will need at least 8 ready Batwing Foal’s to even start this process.
2nd step - Rebuild one nursery so that it is brand new and never ever put anything inside except for a Batwing Foal
3rd step - Put 1 ready Batwing Foal inside nursery using the hand tool so that your nursery is now ready to tend
4th step – Tend nursery and wait a min for it to process
5th step – If u do not get a Stallion take out your first foal and put 2nd ready foal inside till your Nursery is now ready again and add the Batwing Foal you just removed so that u now have 2 Batwing Foal’s inside the nursery.
6th step - Tend nursery and repeat until you have used all your ready Batwing Foal’s never to exceed 4 in the nursery at a time and u will get a Batwing Foal to grow up..

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